The Plans We Made: Review

Various characters’ stories weave together in “The Plans We Made.” I was drawn to the book mainly because the main character, Caroline, shares a name with one of my daughters. Also, I have visited and loved the mansions in Newport, RI, and loved that Caroline was taking on a job planning events at the mansions.

In the book, her story ties in (eventually) with that of another family, whose teenage son develops leukemia and needs a donor. I can’t tell much more without revealing spoilers. This book was an okay read for me — reminded me a lot of a Hallmark movie, with pretty Caroline (we’re not told this, but I’m assuming it since she has two successful men vying for her attention throughout, as well as even being followed by paparazzi) flirting with her would-be suitors. I hoped for more about the Newport mansions, but honestly I read more about Caroline’s gum chewing habits than them. Oh well. I would classify “The Plans We Made” as a chick lit “beach read” type book with very light Christian mentions.

You can enter to win a copy of the book here.


  1. In a blog I follow for writers, that point was made recently–if your setting is a specific place, there needs to be enough detail of that place so readers who are familiar with it will recognize it and readers who want to know more about it will be satisfied. If we ever go to RI, I’ll have to look into these.

  2. Same with me. I love reading novels which are set in areas where I’ve lived or visited and am disappointed when there is so little about the places there or just about the area itself. I remember a novel set in the northern Virginia/DC area. Since I had lived there for 32 years, I was really enjoying it until a character was hospitalized in a hospital near my home. I was disappointed to realize that the specific hospital mentioned wasn’t even built during the time of the story!!!

  3. I got an email saying I had won a copy of this book, and was trying to remember where I had seen it mentioned. I was happy to trace it back here and satisfy that question in my mind. So an extra thank you for sharing the book and contest!

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