Childhood Memories Friday: Lane Mini Cedar Chest

Here’s a little Lane cedar chest. It’s hard to get the dimensions from a photo, but it’s about ten inches long and 3 inches high. I’ve had it since 1983, when I was a senior in high school.

A furniture store in Brownstown, a small town near the one where I grew up, gave these little chests to each senior girl who came in to request one. Getting your mini Lane cedar chest was kind of a tradition.

The furniture store put an ad in our yearbook, featuring my pretty friend Miriam holding one of the chests.

I’ve looked online to learn more about these mini Lane Cedar Chests. Believe it or not, someone has even made a Facebook page about them.

Mine has sat in a cupboard for years, holding receipts. I wish I had a more charming use for it, but so far none has come to mind. It has a keyhole so I presume I have a key somewhere, although it’s not something I would typically lock.

It’s a sweet, nostalgic reminder of a day gone by — I assume Lane is no longer making these, because honestly giving girls little “hope chests” seems hopelessly antiquated today. But I love mine.

The other night the girls and I watched “Meet Me in St. Louis,” and at one point I commented that I had been born in the wrong time. I belonged in the era of that movie (early 1900s), when girls learned to cook and sew, and when in the evenings a lady would walk over to the standard family piano and begin to play. The family would then all gather around and start singing along. Ahhhh … good times.

Sorry for the little tangent there. Have you ever heard of a mini Lane cedar chest? Anyone out there get one, either as a high school senior or at another time?


  1. I’ve never heard of them and didn’t know you had one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen yours. I agree that you would have fit into that era well. If only we could go back to such a wholesome era!

  2. I have one! it looks just like that, lock and everything, except it’s from a store in Corpus Christi, TX. How fun! It was my mom’s but I don’t know how or when she got it. I will look up those links. I’ve had it for years–as a kid I had all kinds of childhood treasures in it. Now it doesn’t have much–just some old paperwork from back when my kids were in Awana a loooong time ago.

  3. I have one also!!! Yes, it was given to me when I was a senior in high school (way back in 1957) by Lipps Furniture Store. I always kept my band awards (medals, ribbons, etc.), some special religious-type cards which I didn’t want bent by my Bible and prayer books, and memorial cards from loved ones who had passed away. All these items were close to my heart and I felt they deserved a special place to reside. The chest has always been precious to me and I have loved it. I checked out the links in your blog today. My chest has nothing on the bottom but I found the matching engraving on the inside of the lid.

  4. I am glad you got the little cedar box and wonder if your sisters did? It makes me happy that you appreciate having it! As far as I know, back in my era, they were not given away. Course with us living near such a small town, possibly stores in Evansville gave them and I never heard about it. I inquired about them on Pinterest and found lots of interesting bric a brac from the era.

  5. […] it just has odds and ends. It never occurred to me to ask when or where she got it. Then my friend Susan had a post about these Lane chests. It turns out that for many years, the Lane company gave these out to female high school seniors […]

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