Menu Plan Monday 6/10/19

Menu Plan Monday

Hello readers! Susan is away for a few weeks so I (Daughter #2) will be taking over the cooking for this week and next. Here is what I plan on making:

Monday: Calico Beans- Every time I ask my dad for dinner suggestions, this is always what he requests. I will make Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal for dessert.

Tuesday: Lentil Loaf  with Sour Cream Apple Pie for dessert. I got the recipe from this cookbook. My dad loves apple pie, so hopefully this will taste just as good (or better) than our usual recipe.

Wednesday: I will be busy during the dinner hour, and we still have leftovers from my sisters’ graduation party last week, so leftover spaghetti will have to suffice. Sorry. Leftovers are my least favorite meal, too.

Thursday: Creamy Chicken Noodle Skillet with homemade noodles, and Strawberry Crisp (I am taking out the rhubarb because it is too sour for me) made with strawberries from our garden.

Friday: White Bean and Kale Soup– I will use spinach instead of kale. On the side, Roti bread, because I went to Flat Top Grill a few weeks ago and they had this amazing bread. Hopefully mine turns out like theirs.  For dessert, I am making oatmeal cookies using this recipe without the filling.

Enjoy your week!

Daughter #2


  1. Yum!! Wishing I could be around for this great food! Thank you for filling in so ably in the kitchen and on the blog 🙂

  2. Your meals for the week sound delicious! I would like to hire you to come and cook for me but, since I live in Florida, I’m sure you’d decline. Not a good commute! I hope to check out some of those desserts you’ll be making. Your dad will be well fed.

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