Menu Plan Monday 2/18/19

Happy Menu Plan Monday! Just one more of these in February, and then it’s March — when spring begins. Sounds good to me.

Saturday Daughter #3 and I had bonsai meeting. We had a speaker from Indianapolis come to talk about bonsai pots. It was pretty interesting. For instance, he said that the width of the pot that a bonsai plant is in should be 2/3 the height of the plant if it’s a tall plant. If it’s a wide plant, the pot should be 2/3 the width of the plant’s width. The pot should always be secondary to the plant itself and shouldn’t detract from the plant. He was a retired architect, and a lot of his talk focused on basic design principles. Interesting, and it made me think I needed to look over how my plants at home are potted.

This coming Saturday is state ISSMA contest in our state capital, a couple of hours away. I am playing for 8 students, and I hope they’ll all do well. Thankfully the weather looks pretty good for the day. Last year, I remember trying to run from one building to another (strings are in the middle school building next to the high school) in the rain, which was not ideal.

Here are the menu plans for this final week of February:

Monday: Daughter #2 cooks — making Pizza Soup made from a combination of this recipe and this one. It’s also the first 4-H meeting of the year, and she’s making chocolate chips cookies for us to take to that. I am grateful for her help!

Tuesday: meatballs — inspired by IKEA, where meatballs are a main entree. I have a bag of them from a sale a while back. I will probably make mashed potatoes and another vegetable to go along with them; maybe noodles too.

lasagna soup

Wednesday: Lasagna Soup — a favorite

Thursday: Lentil Loaf — my husband is a big fan of meat-free meals, so here is this week’s. It is good.

Friday: orange chicken — new recipe; looks good.

So that’s the week from here. What is new in your world?


  1. I vote for the orange chicken as my favorite for this week! Your bonsai experience was interesting, and your plant looks very nice. Good luck at the Stat ISSMA! Hope that all 9 of them get the gold, because you are an awesome accompanist.

  2. I trust things will go well for you and the students you accompany this weekend, especially Daughter #3! I think I would enjoy the pizza soup, but I’m lacking many of the ingredients. I would have to go shopping in order to prepare it.

  3. My evening meal was a grand combination of leftovers and it was wonderful! Never feel sorry for me eating leftovers! Good as money in the bank – that’s my stance! A teacher last week told me she made Pizza Soup and was loving it. She found the recipe on Pinterest. She used brats in hers. I emailed your middle child, maybe yesterday, and suggested she make pizza soup. Wonder if that is why she made it? Hope so! It’s a great night to find myself in fuzzy red Winnie the Pooh pj pants and a long sleeved red Oktoberfest shirt for my pj top. Bring on the winter winds.

  4. Recently my husband and I were talking about how other band members and I would go to the local root beer stand and get a hot dog after evening marching band practice. He got so hungry for a hot dog so we had hot dogs and a salad for supper last night!! Honestly, I can’t remember the last time either of us ate a hot dog. But I will fix whatever he will eat since he has lost so much weight.

    I know bonsai trees/plants are beautiful to look at and have learned a lot about their care from reading your blog.

    Good luck to the music students you will be accompanying on Saturday.

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