Easy Valentine Candy Treat

I teach piano lessons, and I wanted an easy and inexpensive Valentine treat for my students.

I decided to make Valentine Bark – easy, pretty, and yummy!

easy valentine bark candy

Valentine Bark

16 oz. of white chocolate – mine was called vanilla candy coating

bag of pretzels

bag of Valentine M&M’s

pink/red sprinkles

candy canes

Very easy:  just arrange pretzels on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Melt white candy coating (I used microwave) and pour it over the pretzels, and then sprinkle with M&M’s and pieces of candy cane and sprinkles. Refrigerate until solid and break into pieces.

I found the topper online (unfortunately no longer available), and I stapled it to the bag tops. You could also put it in snack-size bags and just staple on a store-bought valentine (I have a few boxes I bought after Valentine’s Day last year for .39 each).

valentine goodie bags

The candy coating made enough candy to fill about 14 of the snack size bags.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!


  1. I love your Valentine treats for your piano students! Looks good, tastes great, and bound to make a hit with all!! Maybe I would have taken lessons more than 8 years if my teacher from yesteryear would have been so thoughtful and generous.
    Of course, my lessons only cost $1 up to $2 back then, which wouldn’t leave much for confectioneries.

  2. […] Oh, and since it’s cooking day: fair results for foods were an honor class ribbon for daughter #3 on her cake, reserve champion for her microwave brownies, and reserve champion for her frozen pizza as well. The pizza gets to go to state fair. This is the first time we’ve had food go to the state fair. Daughter #1 got her first red ribbon on her invented snack (oh well, I think a red ribbon or two builds character) and a blue ribbon on her microwave candy. […]

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